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Recipes choose and used a pillow to sleep

The choice of the best pillows for side sleepers not everyone knows. With diversified, categories enriched it makes you hard to choose for himself a proper pillow. in this article, we will show you how to choose the most suitable pillow. Try to see if you have selected the knee properly yet!  

Option under the sleeping posture

Pillows and sleeping posture also have great relationships with each other. Matching pillow with sleeping posture will help you sleep, avoid the fatigue condition of neck, back pain ... When you wake up. If the habit of supine sleep, you should choose a pillow to sleep not too high and has a concave portion in the middle. It will help the old joint and spine not more than the difference, help sleep more deeply and make comfortable body when waking up in the morning next day. Also if they themselves are usually located sideways when sleeping, or legs, you should buy the pillows were bulging and a little thicker. This pillow will help you have a stable position when sleeping. With these you often prone, choose a thin pillow to avoid discomfort, pain Hey moisture when woke up. In addition, if you frequently change position when sleeping, sleeping or dropouts, hard to sleep ..., you should "equip" different pillows (like bolster) in order to keep the balance and support the body when you change posture.  

Suitable thickness

We should not choose the pillow is too low because it makes the blood circulation to the veins and arteries in the brain unbalanced, causing bad insomnia, even lead to aggression and tired. However, you should not choose the pillow too high. The cause is due to high pillow neck vertebrae that causes numbness, stiffness, the condition leads to dubious old joints, deform the buffer bones, hampering the process of respiration. The appropriate level for a pillow is about 10-15 cm (not being pressed down), depending on the body characteristics, each person's sleeping posture. Besides, you should also pay attention to the width of the knee. A pillow can make the title for her will be the best choice for us.  

Friendly colors

The color of the pillow also has the influence to our sleep. It is one of the factors that moderate the mood, emotion, affect sleep quality. You should choose the colors have the ability to stimulate the sleepy as pale pink, pale yellow, sky-blue ... especially, you absolutely should not choose pillows with two contrasting colours. This can trigger discomfort, do not good influences to our sleep.  

Comfortable material

On the advice of the experts, we should choose a pillow has a good elasticity to support the vertebrae of the neck, avoid fatigue anesthesia. However, you should not select the pillows too soft because it will make the start easier to compress into the center of the knee, causing irregular blood flow, leading to headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping ... The best way for us is to choose the pillow have weak when located no more than 3-4 cm.

Now there are a lot of stuffs to do natural fibers such as cotton, pillow, shell beans, pod, steam, water bags, rubber ... You consider carefully when choosing!

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